Sunday, 26 January 2014

Answer to quiz on Saturday 25th January 2014

The answer to yesterday's quiz is C) governing law.

Here is our definition from our book "Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Vocabulary Series":

Governing Law (noun): This is more informally known as the choice of law or applicable law. It is a very common issue in contract law. In legal English governing law means the country, state or jurisdiction where legal proceedings will be heard if the parties have a dispute. It is common for both parties to agree the governing law before executing a contract, however, it is also common for governing law to become a contentious matter if there is no clause in the contract or if the clause is not clear. Associated Words: Applicable Law (noun), Contentious (adjective), Contract Law (noun), Dispute (noun), Jurisdiction (noun), Matter (noun), Party (noun).

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Quiz: Saturday 25th January 2014

Happy Weekend to you All ! Quiz time:

What is the legal English term for the law that applies to a contract between two parties in the event of a dispute:

A) jurisdiction
B) ruling
C) law of the contract
D) governing law

All answers, comments and shares are welcome.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quiz Time: Saturday 18th January 2014

Hello All ! Legal English quiz time !

What is the legal term that means predictable or expected to happen?   Here is a clue - it is used in contract and tort law:

i) Likely
ii) Foreseeable
iii) Obvious
iv) Beyond reasonable doubt

All answers, comments, questions and shares welcome.

And welcome to our new blog ;)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Quiz Time

Hello !  This is our first blog ! :)  We are Legal English books and we are here to talk about legal English !  Ok, so here is a quiz question:

There are 3 words we can use in legal English to describe a law that has been passed by Parliament.

One begins with "A", one begins with "S" and one begins with "L"

Any ideas?   All answers, comments and questions welcome. Please, please share with your friends if you think they will be interested :)