Monday, 22 June 2015

The "Mcdonalds Coffee" case

This is an interesting case:

What do you think?

In probably the most famous example of a seemingly trivial legal action is Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants,also known as the McDonald’s coffee case and the hot coffee lawsuit
In 1992 Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico, bought a cup of coffee from a drive through McDonalds and as she removed the lid spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap.
She was wearing cotton sweatpants; they absorbed the coffee and held it against her skin, scalding her thighs, buttocks, and groin.
Hospitalized for eight days while she underwent skin grafting, followed by two years of medical treatment she sued the fast food giant claiming it was too hot and more likely to cause serious injury than coffee served at any other establishment.
She won an astonishing £1.7million.

Was the jury correct to award damages?
Did the claimant deserve such an award?

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