Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vexatious Litigation

Answer to last week's quiz is vexatious. Here's our explanation of the term, taken from our book "Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Vocabulary Series":

Vexatious Litigation (noun): This means that a claimant issues a number of claims that are totally without merit. Without merit means that there are no grounds or good reasons to make the claim. Vexatious litigants are usually placed on a special list and must ask the court for permission to issue a claim with the court. The courts are generally reluctant to place a litigant on the list as it restricts their access to the courts. It is, therefore, not common for litigants to be placed on the list without good reason. Associated Words: Claim (noun), Claimant (noun), Grounds (noun), To Issue a Claim (collocation).

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Serial Podcast

We really recommend downloading the Serial Podcast that is currently available from

Very useful for testing your understanding of criminal legal English. Plus, there's been an interesting development.....

Quiz on litigants

Happy Saturday !  Quiz time: Fill in the missing word

A person who issues lots of claims for little or no reason is called a ________ litigant.

a) unreasonable
b) troublesome
c) vexatious
d) vindictive

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Party Time !

Party Time !  Here is the answer to last week's quiz :)

Party (noun): A party to proceedings is a person or organisation who has an interest in those proceedings. Usually this means that there will be a claimant (the person who starts the claim) or a defendant (the person who defends the claim) and maybe a third party (a person with an interest in the claim). If a person or organisation is named in the proceedings as a claimant, defendant or third party then they are a “party” to the claim. Associated Words: Claim (noun), Claimant (noun), Defendant (noun), Proceedings (noun), Third Party (noun).

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Quiz Time: Who has an interest in a claim?

Hi all !  Legal English Quiz Time ! Fill in the gap:

A ________ to a case is an individual or organisation who has an interest in the case or claim. Usually they are in the form of a claimant and a defendant.

a) claimant
b) party
c) defendant
d) litigant in person

All answers, shares and comments welcome. Have a wonderful day :)

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