Saturday, 25 July 2015

An odd case :)

Happy Saturday all !  How about this for an odd legal case:

Pearson v. Chung

"Better known as the “pants lawsuit”, was a civil case filed in 2005 by Roy L. Pearson, Jr., an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia in the United States.
It came as a result of a dispute with a dry cleaning company over a lost pair of trousers.
Pearson sued for £40million for inconvenience, mental anguish and fees for representing himself, as a result of their failure, in Pearson’s opinion, to live up to a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign that was displayed in the store.
Pearson lost the case but only after after four years of trying every legal avenue to win."

Does "satisfaction guaranteed" = £40 million?  :)

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

What is the missing word?

The verb to e______ means to sign and date the contract to confirm all the parties agree to the terms and give the agreement a date.

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Have a lovely weekend !