Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last week's quiz - answer

Hi all The answer to last week's quiz is c) The Supreme Court. Here is our definition from our book "The English Legal System: Vocabulary Series":

Supreme Court (noun) The Supreme Court is the highest court in England and Wales. It is the ...ultimate appellate court and can hear appeals from all of the courts in England and Wales. Before 2009 the highest court was in the House of Lords, but this was moved and re-named the Supreme Court. The Court has jurisdiction over all areas of law in England and Wales. Associated Words: Appellate Court (noun), House of Lords (noun), Jurisdiction (noun).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Legal English quiz time !

Hello everyone, legal English quiz time: What is the name of the highest court in the English legal system?:

a) The Court of Appeal
b) The House of Lords
c) The Supreme Court
d) The Privy Council

All answers, comments and discussion welcome :)  Enjoy your Sunday !

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Answer to last weeks quiz

The answer to last week's quiz was a) deny.  Here is our definition from "Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Vocabulary Series":

To Deny (verb): To deny something means to state that you did not do something or that you are not liable for something. It is opposite to the verb to admit. The collocation “to deny allegations” is very common in civil litigation and dispute resolution. Associated Words: Denied (past simple), Denied (3rd form), Denial (noun), Denied (adjective), Denial (noun), To Admit (verb), Allegations (noun), Liable (adjective).
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Monday, 5 May 2014

Legal English Quiz

Hi All, legal English quiz time: The adjective "admissible" means that a piece of evidence or an exhibit is allowed to be used or shown in court. What is the correct prefix used to mean "not admissible":

a) un (admissible)
b) dis (admissible)
c) ir (admissible)
d) in (admissible)

All answers, comments and shares welcome. Have a lovely week all.